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A consumer's guide to the many types of home surveillance systems

Home surveillance systems have exploded and it can be confusing to know what you need.. MultiMedia Interiors recommends two different systems. Keeping our offering small allows us to be experts at them and provide the highest level of support.  Whatever system you choose, a strong well managed network will improve performance and reliability. We will be sure to discuss this with you during our free in-home evaluation.

Our preferred surveillance system is the X20 Luma System that records 24/7. Featuring the latest AI technology like advanced human, vehicle, and non-motor vehicle detection, as well as AI-filtered events, you can reduce false notifications and more accurately respond to them. With AI-filtered events you are quickly notified, can view and respond to key events. Luma offers basic fixed lens 2MP cameras all of the way up to PTZ cameras with Smart Tracking capabilities. The PTZ camera can follow people or vehicles of interest through the scene automatic zoom-in and zoom-out based on the changing target distance. Really cool stuff! There are no ongoing fees associated with this system.

Maybe you are looking for a more basic system that provides a live view and quick clip recording. MultiMedia Interiors recommends Ring. Ring has doorbell cameras, plug in cameras and flood light motion cameras that all have the same basic features. This includes motion detection, lights, clip recording and two way audio available through the app. The average video clip is about one minute and the recording starts at the time the motion detector is activated. Alerts of this motion are sent to your smart device or computer in a matter of seconds. This system also has two way audio so you can hear what is happening and interact with someone in the area of the camera. The App is easy to use and the live view and video clips are quick to come up and play. There is a monthly charge to use the Ring cloud service that is $5/mo for one camera and $10/mo for unlimited cameras.

With MultiMedia Interiors you can rely on a high level of service starting. This starts with an in-home evaluation, continues through the installation, training and then operational support and video documentation in the case of an event.

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