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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you work in condo complexes?
    Yes, from high rises downtown to suburban town homes, we love working in condos; commercial environments, too. In fact, we are already approved vendors in many complexes all over Southern California.
  • I already have a system that I would like to update but I can't find the guy that installed it. Can you help?
    We sure can. We get this question often and will do whatever we can to use as much of your old system as possible.
  • I'm tired of false alarms with my security system where the police get called. Is there an alternative?
    Yes, there are many ways to solve false alarms. You can even have a self-monitored system where your are notified of issues at your home or business. You can then call the authorities yourself if you think you need to.
  • I want the biggest TV I can get for my living room, but I don't want the ugly box on the wall."
    Easy, we can install a projection screen that rolls up into the ceiling when not in use, or we can build you a TV that becomes a mirror when it's turned off. We can even get you a TV that displays beautiful art when not in use. it's called a Frame TV. The only limit is your imagination. Give us a call to get the ball rolling.
  • My general contractor wants me to use his guy to do my installation. Should I let them do it?
    Why not get a few estimates, one of which should be from your general contractor's subcontractor. We find that one of the best ways for you to become familiar with integrated systems is to do your research, based on expert recommendations. Of course we would love to be one of the experts you talk to, so give us a call.
  • Why can't my electrician do this kind of work?
    This question ususally comes up in the context of budget. Having your electrician do the job seems like a great way to save money but it may not be such a great idea in the long run. It is all about specialization, we specialize in making electronics easy to use. The level of detail required to insatall our systems simply can not be duplicated by any other trade. Our goal is always to provide a system that fits your needs and budget. Contact us to discuss your project in more detail.
  • I bought all of my own equipment online, can you install it?"
    We do this on a case-by-case basis. We're happy to take a look but we always request that you consult with us before you buy any of your own equipment. We can often help you save money.
  • Nothing works, what should I do?"
    Call us. We're here to help! (619) 296-4664
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