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Home and Business Security

MultiMedia Interiors specializes in home automation, security and surveillance products and systems primarily in San Diego. We listen to your needs and develop custom solutions that utilize up to date technology. Pay for the technology up front and enjoy lower monthly payments on a month to month basis. We partner with larger for remote system access and COPS monitoring for 24/7 authority monitoring. You get a single point of contact at MMI for all service call needs. Large company support with a personal concierge like contact. We are not like the "traditional" security contractor that offers a "one size fits all" system using outdated equipment with long term contracts and high monthly fees. Plus you are not relying on the "cable company" or a multinational conglomerate to provide for your family's safety. We offer customized security alarms for both residential and commercial applications.


Servicing San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles and all of southern California and Arizona, we use the best brands and the latest technologies for installation and monitoring.


Part of Security is home automation. Automating the lights inside and outside of your home gives your home a lived in feeling at all times. Having your garage door send you a text if you leave it open and being able to open a App and close it puts you in control. Water leak and fire detector monitoring gives you peace of mind. Arm/disarm, unlock doors or simply check on the history of events is as easy as opening an app on your phone. You can arm/disarm and check your surveillance cameras all from the convenience of your smart phone or tablet. Your system can even notify you of floods and gas leaks in your home. ​


Surveillance systems range from simple cameras that provide basic coverage of the areas you want to monitor to super high resolution capable of capturing a license plate at 60mph. In cases where security is the highest priority, we also offer surveillance camera monitoring where a live person is monitoring is watching for event triggers 24/7. Whether you need home security surveillance cameras or a complete security solution for your business, take advantage of the smart home and business revolution and call us today.


Head Office

For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: (619) 296-4664 or fill out the following form

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4421 Park Boulevard

San Diego CA 92116

(619) 296-4664


To apply for a job with MultiMedia Interiors, please contact us via the contact form.

Monitoring and Control: 
(619) 308-6611
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